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Big Barn Find Sold For Over £300,000 by Anglia Car Auctions

The David Brown Collection was an incredible collection of British barn find cars that featured in many major news outlets and we were so lucky to be allowed by Anglia Car Auctions to film it being extracted and taken off to their base in Kings Lynn to be sold in August, 2023.

If you didn’t see the previous videos, here are links to them. They’ve been enjoyed the world over!



The collection consisted of the following:

AC Ace

AC Ace Bristol

AC Aceca

Jaguar E-Type Series II x3

Land Rover Series 1 80″

Jaguar E-Type tubs x3

A number of E-Type subframes and engine blocks

To say that Anglia Car Auctions did a good job of selling them would be an understatement. Just check out this video, They really did the cars proud!

If you’ve got a barn find classic car, or any classic car or motorbike, and are thinking of selling it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help whenever we can. If you’ve got a collection of cars or bikes to sell, even better!