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Barn Find Of the Decade – Part 2 – The David Brown Collection

You’ve seen Part 1 (in case you haven’t, it’s here ), where the Series 1 Land Rover 80” and Jaguar E-Type Series II tub were cleared to gain access to the AC Ace, AC Aceca and Jaguar E-Type Series II. In Part 2, you’ll witness just how tricky it was to remove the further two E-Type Jaguars and then the prize goal, the AC Ace Bristol that was once owned by legendary racing driver, Betty Haig.

Keen-eyed observers will, no doubt, spot Colin Denton of Classic Car Garage fame in this video. Colin very kindly allowed us to record a short interview with him, which explains his involvement. It appears towards the end of this video.

To summarise:

AC Ace

AC Ace Bristol

AC Aceca

Jaguar E-Type Series II x3

Land Rover Series 1 80″

Jaguar E-Type tubs x3

All in and around a tiny garage in a residential back garden! The David Brown Collection was later sold by Anglia Car Auctions in August, 2023 and will spoken about for years to come.

Once you’ve seen this video, please take a look at how much this incredible sold for. You’ll be blown away! The auction results video is here.

If you’ve got a barn find classic car, or any classic car or motorbike, and are thinking of selling it, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help whenever we can. If you’ve got a collection of cars or bikes to sell, even better!