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Autozodiaco Damaca Kit Car for sale

From the seller: “Believed to be one of the only Remaining early Autozodiaco Damaca body types left in existence!

It took a hell of a lot of searching to find out any information regarding this car bodystyle as unfortunately most had met an untimely end living on the continent. This is quite possibly the only one that has been available in the UK!

These were based on a modified/hybrid of beetle and Type 3 chassis parts and differ from the normal type of dune buggys with their longer floorpan and wheelbase and 4 seat arrangement. Normally powered by a Type3 aircooled 1500cc motor, these would have been quite the conversation piece back in their day.

As the pictures show, this car is requiring an extensive refurbishment ad recommissioning. I purchased the car approximately a year ago with the intentions of completing a full restoration but unfortunately this hasn’t been possible due to lack of time and now the space.

I have previously contacted a VW buggy chassis repair company based in the West Country and spoke with them extensively about the requirements for a newly build refurbishment on the chassis and was something that they could complete with apparent ease and at a very reasonable cost, including the rebuild of the front Type 3 front end (Circa £2000 from memory).

The gearbox is present but im am unware of its state of repair/eligibility as i have never had an engine on it to test. There is no engine that comes with the car but from speaking to a local specialist, any aircooled engine of your desire may be mated up to the gearbox and should fit the available space.”

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