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1980 Morris Mini 1000

From the seller: “Selling my late father’s Mini. It’s sat for almost 20 years and doesn’t run, but would be good for someone looking for a project. As you can see from the photos the condition is not great. The bodywork is extremely rusted and the engine has seized up. I’m not sure but the floor, but I think it’s probably no good, hard to tell. The glass is all still there, and parts of the interior can also be salvaged, so it’s not too bad.

Being 1980 it’s tax and MOT exempt – I do have the VIN plate but not the paperwork or keys, both of which must have been lost over the years, but both of which can easily be ordered.

Moving it may be a challenge, as there’s a chance it might come apart when we go to pull it out – it’s hard to tell. It’s a lovely car, so I’d love to sell it to someone who can restore it.”

For sale on eBay –> Click here