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Ford Escort Mk1 – HLJ 755N – Right Guard TV Advert

Hands up if you use Right Guard…hands down if you don’t!

The Mk1 Ford Escort ‘HLJ 755N’ featured in one of the catchiest theme tunes of the 80’s. And, trust me, there were plenty of catchy theme tunes back then!

The gist of the ad campaign was that if you didn’t use Right Guard antiperspirant, your armpits got a bit whiffy.

In this TV advert, the guy feels the full effects of the Ford Escort bonnet on his head, which is an experience I’m sure many of you have had!

Question is, where is HLJ 755N? The DVLA website, as shown by this VehicleSmart screenshot, says that the tax ran out at the end of March, 1992. Did the car end up in the crusher or, like many we feature on UK Barn Finds, is it tucked away somewhere? Did you ever own it, or see it?

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