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Citroen BX GTi – F782 OAN – Citroen TV Advert

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Hmmmm…self-levelling suspension.

I’ve got to admit, I’d happily park this red Citroen BX GTi on my driveway. F782 OAN looks gorgeous.

And I’ve also got to confess that I have owned a lower-model Citroen BX in my younger days. It was the first ‘sensible’ car I ever owned and the self-levelling suspension was pretty awesome. I’ll even forgive it for the time it burst a pipe and covered the drive in bright green “Predator blood”, as we used to call it!

But, and it’s a big BUT, did F782 OAN make it past 2001, or did it get levelled in a different way?

I actually saw a Citroen BX GTi parked outside a workshop last year and it really did stand out. I’d love to think that this particular car is stored away safely somewhere. Perhaps you can shed some light on it?

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