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The First Start Video We’ve All Been Waiting For!

The last trip this 1954 Austin A30 took was across Europe in 1971, but we’ve been on quite a journey with this plucky survivor ourselves!

Regular visitors to UK Barn Finds will know that our Austin A30 is a real barn find car, having been tucked away in Norfolk since 1971. We featured it on the UK Barn Finds YouTube channel and it soon became apparent that everyone wanted a ‘first start video’.

Having shown you around this time warp Austin A30 in the first video on the UK Barn Finds YouTube channel, further episodes featured us getting rid of that barn find dust (to the horror of some!), discovering that nearly all of the electrics still worked. the freeing-up of the engine and then, sadly, us failing to get the car to start.

First start video thumbnail  - Barn find Austin A30 with the bonnet up and a puff of smoke from the exhaust

Had we bitten off more than we could chew? Will we ever get a UK Barn Finds ‘First Start Video’?

Motivated by the comments of our growing army of YouTube subscribers, we decided to try a bit more fettling and to give it another go. If this didn’t work, then we’d have to go back to the drawing board and the fairytale of our own little Chitty Chitty Bang Bang would end there.

Beavering away in a freezing cold workshop, late into the night, there was a feeling that we were swimming against the tide. There was every chance that we could break something along the way, set the project back and the dream of a 2023 First Start Video would end there. Oh well, we decided that’s a risk we’d have to take.

But, hang on, wasn’t that ‘splutter’ just then a sign of life? Was our Baby Austin really waking up? Click ‘Play’ to find out if we’ve actually succeeded in making our very first ‘First Start Video’…