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Hammer Time! Classic Car Auction Prices | October, 2023

Classic car auction prices seem to change with the wind. Let UK Barn Finds keep you updated!

UK Barn Finds Hammer Time is a new series, made especially for YouTube. Join Claire & Elton as they travel to various classic car auction venues to check out what they have to offer and how classic car prices are right now.

The first venue featured is Manor Park Classics in Runcorn, Cheshire. A purpose-built facility, specifically set up for classic car and motorbike auctions, this is one auction house you should be keeping an eye out for!

There were many cars to choose from and we were spoilt for choice. In the end, these are the ones you’ll see;

1983 BMW 735i
1983 Land Rover Series 3
1992 BMW 850i
1964 Morris Mini Cooper
1973 Triumph Dolomite Sprint
1975 Triumph Dolomite Sprint
1976 Mini 1000
1983 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia Estate
1983 Porsche 924
1973 MG B GT

We hope you enjoy Hammer Time and that you feel you’re part of our journey. We’re just a couple who are trying to enjoy life and classic car auctions are where we love to hang out!

Thank you to everyone who watches the video and to the staff at Manor Park Classics, Paul Cowland and all the lovely people of the North we met last weekend. You made us so welcome.

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