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1938 Fiat Topolino – HMF 903 – PHOTO DUMP

If you’re a follower of UK Barn Finds, this Fiat Topolino should be familiar to you. We filmed this car as a ‘barn find’ a few weeks ago.

If you missed the original video, please take a look now. Part of an amazing find of five cars that had been stored by an incredible man, this Fiat has great potential and rolled out easily.

This car had been sitting for a long time in a dry outbuilding and is now being offered for sale. The auction takes place in November, 2023.. To see the full details, please visit Anglia Car Auctions on the link below:

1938 Fiat Topolino for sale –> https://bit.ly/1938FiatTopolino

Having seen the ‘Baby Mouse’ in its gloomy resting place, we couldn’t resist popping along to Anglia Car Auctions to take some photos of this little gem under the lights. It’s amazing how different a car can look in a different location!

The photos have been uploaded as they were on the camera. No sorting, no checking, so please forgive us for any duff ones!

If you fancy having a bid on this particular Fiat Topolino, then we hope these photos help. They may also be of interest to anyone searching for photos of a barn find Fiat Topolino in the future.

If you have a barn find car for sale, or think we may be interested in filming yours, please contact UK Barn Finds and let’s chat! In the meantime, enjoy the photos…