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1974 AUSTIN 1300 GT – RSX 514M – PHOTO DUMP

This 1974 Austin 1300 GT is not a barn find, far from it, but how on earth could I walk past it and not take some photographs?!

The photos here are a pure ‘photo dump’. They haven’t been put in order, edited or checked. so I apologise in advance for any poor ones, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to see my reflection in any of them.

I would absolutely love to buy an Austin 1300 GT one day. I cut my teeth on Minis as a lad and, I don’t know why, but they never grabbed my attention when they were plentiful. Now they’re rare (and, usually, expensive!), I’d give my right arm for one.

This particular Austin 1300GT is being auctioned by Anglia Car Auctions over the first weekend of November, 2023. If you’re reading this post before then, please make sure you check out the link below to see even more photos and, maybe. have a bid!

If you’re reading this post after 5th November, 2023, you can still use the link to see how it much sold for.

As you can see, for a near 50-year old car, this old girl is in great shape. I didn’t go on a test drive, but you can see the car being driven on the Anglia Car Auctions website via link below.

And, don’t despair if you did miss this auction…this isn’t the first Austin 1300 GT that Anglia Car Auctions have sold and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last!

View this car on the Anglia Car Auctions website
–> https://bit.ly/1974Austin1300GT