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Barn Find Car Spotted Driving…Nearly 70 Years Ago!

As if the story of the David Brown Collection of AC and Jaguar E-Type barn find cars wasn’t incredible enough, it took an amazing twist recently, thanks to one eagle-eyed viewer on the UK Barn Finds YouTube channel.

For those who may have missed it first time around, the collection consisted of a pair of AC Ace cars (one of them a Bristol), an AC Aceca, a number of Jaguar E-Types, a Series 1 80” Land Rover and various parts. These cars were all found at a residential address in England and sold for over £375,000 at auction. UK Barn Finds recorded the find, along with the sale, and the resulting videos have already clocked-up over 500,000 views on YouTube alone.

It was one of those viewers who spotted something quite remarkable; they recognised the AC Aceca from a British Pathé YouTube video of London traffic. The title of the video is London Traffic (1952), although a number of cars have been spotted that were made slightly later than this, so it would appear that the date may need correcting. The AC Aceca from The David Brown Collection was registered in 1955 and bears the very distinctive registration plate, RYM 2.

Elton Murphy of UK Barn Finds said;

“To see this car driving down the road was mind-blowing for me. Having spent two days filming the extraction of this collection and a further two days at the Anglia Car Auctions sale, I felt quite attached to all of The David Brown Collection. I even said to a number of people that I’d love to see them on the road again one day. I had no idea it would be quite so soon, or in these circumstances! My thanks go out to the keen-eyed viewer who alerted us to this. They’ve made a great story even better.”

If you’re interested in seeing the 1955 AC Aceca on the road, look out for RYM 2 at about the 01:44 mark in the following British Pathé film – https://youtu.be/jWEwgH4nPzw

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