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FIVE Barn Find Cars In One Location!

What a few hours this was, as Elton went rummaging around to uncover FIVE UK barn find cars!

We were contacted one evening to see if we’d be interested in filming a collection of barn find cars, before they were due to be removed and offered for sale.

In one barn find, you’ll see the following cars, all stored for decades:

1929 Austin 7

1937 Austin 10

1938 Fiat 500 Topolino

1946 Triumph Roadster

1958 Austin A35

Join us to see what real ‘barn find cars’ looks like. In our experience, this is how most of them are; dusty, cluttered and absolutely engaging in every way.

This particular collection of cars was actually stored very well. They were dry, free from damp and in fantastic condition. Every one of them should see the road again in a relatively short time.

Which one is your favourite? Maybe you’ll fancy a bid…..

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