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1965 Ford Thames 307E Van For Sale

We spend pretty-much all day, every day, scouring the likes of eBay for barn find cars (and other vehicles) to feature on our popular Facebook page, so it takes something pretty special to really jump off the page and make us think “Wow!”. This 1965 Ford Thames 307E certainly did that!

Based on the 105e, which explains its familiar appearance, these commercial vehicles don’t come up for sale very often and are a perfect promotional vehicle for any business with a retro theme, once restored.

The eBay listing contains quite a number of good quality photographs, so anyone interested in this particular Ford Thames 307E should be able to ascertain a fairly good idea of the condition of the vehicle from the listing alone. That said, the seller has also given a fairly comprehensive description of how the vehicle presents, what’s there and what’s not, and other information that may help any potential buyer. There’s always the option to ask the seller a question on eBay, too, and the seller is actively suggesting that potential buyers should come and have a look.

Interested? Seriously, if we had the time, space and manpower available, we’d be bidding on this one.

The bidding is set to end on 12th February, 2023. Be sure to add it to your watch list!

Listed on eBay, here –>

Listed on eBay, here –>