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Morris Marina 1.8 SDL Super

From the seller: “Ok…. So here we have a 1976 Morris Marina 1.8 Super.

First registered on the 14th of May 1976, it was owned by one person until the 1st of November 1979 when it was sold to a farmer here in Kent who used the car until the end of 1987 when he put it into an old barn and used his new car….

The farmer’s daughter put the car up for sale locally , I bought it this week without seeing it and thought ‘ it couldn’t be that bad’ , I transferred the money across and said I’d collect it on Saturday.

It had been pulled into the middle of the yard ready for collection…I was a bit shocked just how bad it was but, a deal is a deal….she was loaded up and taken back to our farm and unloaded…

You can see from the photographs just how poor it is, be under no illusion, this is bad possibly, beyond repair however it might be of use to somebody for spare parts (glass, lights?) The number plate might also be worth something if you can transfer it or put it on retention.”

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