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Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo EX 2000 for sale

From the seller: “Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo for restoration

A very opportunity to purchase Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo EX2000!

Famous for group 4 and Group B in the early 80’s of the world rally championships, which probably makes these cars the cheapest road going versions of the group B cars.

Unfortunately its not been on the road since 1988 and subsequently requires restoration and welding to the body. All bolt on panels and various items are still easily available through the facebook group, New Zealand and the Far East.

The lancer is a pretty much complete standard car missing the petrol tank, sun visor, interior light and two front door card trims. Also coming with the car is a high value registration number TEL 111X and Pozar wheels which are not standard equipment.

The engine does turn over and has been running on a separate fuel supply a short while ago.

Reason for sale:
I have two other Lancer Turbos and one of which requires building so do not have the time for this one. I can’t bring myself to break for spares and would love to see it restored and back on the road.

With all these cars from the 80”s values are going sky would and with mint Lancers being valued at 25K plus its a good investment with projections still head up for coming years.”

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