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1980 MK2 Ford Escort

From the seller: “Here we have an original paint (Riviera Blue) original front wings, original strut tops, two door UK right hand drive Escort with lots of hard to find RS rally parts.

Original Dealer number plates from Perry’s of Harrow Weald. German built GCAT body shell.

Barn stored for 20 years this weekend was the first time it’s seen daylight in all that time.

This car has never been rallied. The 6 point roll cage is in the car but the floors have never been plated or drilled for the mounting points. The head lining is intact with no rips.

The front and rear wheel arches on the passenger side have been replaced along with a couple of small localised areas of sill that have been flush fit repaired. The drivers side still needs the same things doing. I liked the idea of retaining the original front wings which are in remarkable condition except for the wheel arch, however I will supply an arch cut from a brand new wing ready for repair.

There are bits of the car which will require welding here and there but nothing disasters us and the car has not been covered in previous bodged patches.

The crucial strength areas like the inner and outer “A” pillars are in exceptional condition along with the bulk head, inner wings, strut tops and floors. The boot and boot wells are also very good.”

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