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1983 Ford Capri 2.8 Injection

From the seller: “1983 ford capri 2.8 injection

spares or repair ideal project or restoration has been sat for 20 years in a dry garage.
its a ford so will come with rust attached but not horrific.

rusty areas known about.

front strut tops.
battery tray.
n\s rear arch.
front inner wing mud shields (new ones come with it and are bolt on).

feel free to come and inspect it yourselves.

the car came in as a trimmed shell with the running\rolling gear removed it has since been loosely put together to
see what is missing.

what we have found its missing is
fuel lines
copper brake lines
exhaust (does have manifolds)
keys (does have complete lock set previous owner is looking for them but presume they will need to be sourced)
boot spoiler
drivers rear q window mechanism (window is fine).

the engine and gearbox is slaved in again to determine whats missing but will need to come out again for clutch fitment (clutch included but no clutch bolts)
everything else appears to be there for the running gear few bits in boxes in the boot.

i would say this car is around 90% complete.”

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