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1968 BMW 2002 (possibly earliest in existence)

From the seller: “This is what we believe to be the earliest RHD 2002 still in existence. Of 897 1968 cars built, this is the 421st produced and is largely complete. These were labelled ‘114’ development codes, before BMW adopted the E-number system and changed the 2002 to E10. We have carried out a fair amount of research on this chassis number and have found it to be the earliest RHD example but please do your own research. This is a rare car and deserves to be saved.

Having checked with BMW Classic, it left the production line on August 28th, 1968 and was delivered to the UK two days later.

As seen in the photos, it is extremely rotten and in fact didn’t make it off the recovery truck in one piece. Short of a complete re-shell, it is unlikely to be saveable. However it does have many parts (glass, doors, fuel tank, bumpers, bootlid etc – no bonnet) and various parts of the shell are in surprisingly good condition. Believed to have been parked up as a running car, located in East Sussex for the last 28+ years.

The engine and gearbox seem to have fared far better than the rest of the car, although it is not known if it’s capable of turning over. We have looked inside the filler cap and water doesn’t seem to have ingressed. This is, of course, a very early engine and gearbox so could be perfect for an age-appropriate restoration. And you are incredibly unlikely to find a two litre variant of the M10 with such low numbers.

This is an unrepeatable chance to buy a piece of Bavarian motoring history.”

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