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1981 Electric Mini

From the seller: “Registered as 1981, this is a non running electric Mini.

I brought this project about 3 years ago, started to work on but didn’t get the time. Too many distractions. I did however replace the front disc brakes complete, check the back brakes, replaced some of the lines for copper. Required new brake master cylinder. Sent the motor off for a refurb, and was looking at a different battery set up, and charge system.

The mini shell is pretty good, main rust is around drivers door and top of driver side wing. The Interiour is in pretty good nick. As I said this is a project that needs know how, time and tlc.

It’s registered as electric, was running 8x12v batteries set up as 48v dc, there was a second 12v battery running the cars electrics. The wheels have been powder coated and tyres were ok.”

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