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1965 Triumph Herald Convertible

From the seller: “Garage find (not barn find lol) 1965 Triumph Herald Convertible.

Comes with V5, some history but no keys as they were lost long ago, clock shows 73925 miles so relatively low mileage and only a couple of hundred since the last MOT

According to the previous owner he drove it home in 2011 after the MOT, the tank was rusty so he bought a new one and removed the old one but that’s as far as he got, 10 years later it’s looking a bit sorry for itself!

It is generally in poor condition and completely untested (literally all I have done is roll it off the trailer and take some pictures!) but these are a sought after and appreciating classic as well as being Tax MOT and Low and Ultra Low Emmision Zone exempt, so well worth restoring or could be a great basis for a custom or kit car having a separate chassis or maybe just a good source of spares (I think it’s a bit too good for that really though!)”

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