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1978 Austin Allegro Special LE

From the seller: “For sale is a 1978 Austin Allegro Special LE. Remarkable original condition.

I bought this car a little while ago, without any real idea for what I was going to do with it. I have too many projects on the go at the moment and I’m trying to thin out my collection slightly so it’s time for it to move on.

The car is in completely original condition, it has never been welded or painted and there is no real rust – there’s a few areas it seems like it wants to start going, but on the whole an amazingly rust free Allegro, where would you find another?! The Special LE was available in only two colours – green and blue, I only know of one other blue LE to exist and that car has been completely restored.
I don’t have any documents for it other than the V5 in my name – the chap I bought it from explained to me that this car was purchased new in England and then taken to Cyprus for the majority of its life before being brought back a few years ago, which explains the condition.

The bodywork is all original and very good, I’d say there are a few areas that may require attention within the next few years if left untreated outside, but the photos hopefully speak for themselves; for an unrestored allegro it’s in amazing condition! The paintwork is faded a little bit could be brought back up if a very thorough professional had a few days with it, however patina like this has taken years to develop, so it’s a real open book for whatever you’d like to do with it going forward!”

For sale on eBay –> Click here