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Triumph Dolomite 1850 HL

From the seller: “Classic Triumph Dolomite in BRG, the car has stood in a car port for over 10 years so us in remarkably good condition.

It’s all there but will require restoration to the body mainly the drivers door & drivers side rear quarter as these were exposed to the elements, but most panels will require some sort of repair. I’ve checked the floor & the silks these seem to be in very good order.The vinyl roof is in very good order with no tears or damage.

The engine turns freely however I have been unable to start it up, I believe it may be a problem with the distributor but can’t confirm this. The engine bay strut tops etc are all very clean requiring only a spruce up.

The interior again is in very good order no splits in the seats or damage to headlining. The only thing letting the interior down is the carpets and the varnish from the woodwork has began to flake but easily repairable.”

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