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MG B GT V8 4×4

Some of you may recognise this car, as it seems like it was a bit of a celebrity, back in the day….

From the seller: “Unique, and so very rare…… MG B GT V8 4×4

The idea and subsequent creation of this MG came about in the late 1980’s.

The concept was to build an off road sports car as a promotional vehicle, to take to car shows and events.

Design and build took place in the workshop of and MG main dealer who used the vehicle to promote their business.

The MG sports car range did already have a version with the Rover V8 engine powering it along, however the four wheel drive option was not available.

As part of the Leyland group MG shared numerous components with Rover, for example the v8 engine! It was also was noted that the earlier 2 door range rovers were of a similar wheel base to that of the MGB’s. Add a Sebring wide arch body kit and hey presto..With a full workshop and parts available the build was undertaken.

During the late 80’s and early 90’s the car was quite a celebrity at car shows etc, even being featured on an episode of Top Gear ( the article being presented by legend Chris Goffey).

The car has spent the last couple of decades in a barn seeing occasional use and regular starting up and servicing.”

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