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1932 Morris Minor 8hp

From the seller: “I have had this Morris Minor (8) for a long while and it has been dry stored all the time.

The engine runs and gearbox is good. The body is in original condition and very sound with minimal welding required, as far as we know the vehicle has never been repaired or restored and has never been painted, any paintwork you see is original. The glass has gone yellow with age. The wood and fabric on roof needs replacing. We have bought the fabric and its been stored on the roll in the dry for a long while. It needs new plywood for floor and the wood in door frames need repairing. Carrier on back has surface rust and needs a good clean up. It will need upholstering in the back as we never had the back seat, but both front seats are there. The thing with this car that really stands out for its age is the body. We have decided we will never get round to doing it up, so it has to go.”

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