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Home » Garage Find 1988 Toyota Celica 2.0 GTi 16

Garage Find 1988 Toyota Celica 2.0 GTi 16

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From the seller: “Toyota Celica 2.0 GTi 16 . Reg Sept 1988. 61 k miles .Two tone blue paint that only Toyota love . Matching two tone blue interior.

This is the text book dream garage find .

This was my mother’s car. She bought it Feb 1993 and only used her to go to work each day some 5 miles away and drove like a 100 year old nun. She spared no money on upkeep . Driven by her 95% of the time with a few trips done by myself and father. When she retired summer 1995 parked her in the garage and it’s been there ever since not moved.

Always wanted to get her on the road ourselves but circumstances mean actually need the garage space asap, which is the main reason for sale now.”

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