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Home » 1935 Daimler LQ3-20 with Salmons Tickford tourer body

1935 Daimler LQ3-20 with Salmons Tickford tourer body

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From the seller: “Originally registered in Bournemouth, as BEL510 which the car still carries to this day, it would be a shame to split the number and car however the registration is valued at £4500

This Daimler LQ3-20 was purchased by the late owner in 1983. It was used regularly until taken off the road 1987 when radiator damage occurred, causing the engine to overheat. Examination showed that the cylinder head was porous and needed welding. This has been done, although no valve seat work or re-facing has been carried out. It is expected that the crankshaft bearings need re-metalling and the crankshaft regrinding.

The radiator has a new core and is ready to be re-installed. All parts removed from the vehicle have been stored and are included in he sale, it appears complete.

The car has the very rare Salmons Tickford folding roof mechanism which is still in full working order, there is a removable handle at back which raises or lowers the roof.”

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