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1959 BMW 502

From the seller: “THIS is a BMW 502. Launched in 1954 and known as the “Baroque Angel” due to its large curvaceous features. It was the company’s first V8 car and was a huge success in Germany.

You will see finished articles at 70 and 80k-plus. This is a true garage find. It looks as though it was dry stored in 1966 due to the magazines etc I found in the front of this old girl. So, 55 years or so in hibernation! She is without her engine (the said V8 which was a 2500cc in these cars).

I did some research before acquiring this and was told that many people have enjoyed great success by dropping in the Turner Daimler 2500 V8. There are also plenty of original engines in Germany, so I was told.

Her speedo reads 35,000 km which is 22,000 miles. And if she was only on the road for six years, then that is very probably correct. She is just crying out to be restored!

She is basically solid with a good, strong girder-like chassis. Looking sad the the worse for year, she is nonetheless a superb restoration project. She comes with a current V5.”

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