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From the seller: “I am advertising it as in need of full restoration. It is a 30 year old car and has not been the road for about 10 years so you will need a trailer to take it away.

It is 99% complete and original
91,900 miles
Half leather interior is in good condition, leather is not ripped but does need new foam bolsters.
Exterior wise the body work is pretty solid for its age, a bit of rust above the rear passenger window and the lower corner of the windscreen. I have a rust free replacement boot lid but it has perspex instead of glass fitted, hence the green one currently fitted. The bonnet also has a snapped bolt in the hinge.
I have not been underneath it to comment on the floor, the sills are all solid but I would expect it to need some work in places
The engine is missing a few hoses although a year ago I decided to try and get it running. I found the fuel pump was faulty so replaced it, but couldn’t get any power too the pump, so I hard wired it to the battery and it started up (message me your number and I can send a video) I don’t know why there is no power to the pump I understand that there is a relay can be problematic but have never had the time to investigate further.”

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