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1970 Reliant Scimitar GTE 3.0 V6

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From the seller: “Fresh from the Barn… 1970 Reliant Scimitar GTE manual, fitted with the factory 2,994cc Ford Essex v6 and mated to manual transmission.

1 former keeper, purchased by the last owner in 1981 and barn stored since purchase. Showing a low mileage of 41,528 miles, can’t be guaranteed as lack of paperwork and from a deceased estate but was only on the road for 11 years of its life!

A well worthwhile project, but at the same time its a full restoration project but with the shell being fibreglass and in fair/good condition that’s 1 less job. The chassis does have corrosion but is far from rotten and will be salvageable. We haven’t spend much time on the vehicle and don’t know the condition of the engine, have tried turning it over quickly but hand with no luck but this was with the alternator belt etc on and the alternator is defiantly seized solid. Take it as the engine is seized and its a bonus if its not. The manual gearbox is 4 speed and believed to have o/d.”

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