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1965 Ford Cortina MK1

From the seller: “As seen from the photos, the car would require an extensive amount of restoration work done to it due to the fact that it has been standing for around 30 years outside.

There is plenty of evidence of corrosion around the bodywork such as on the front side wings both inner and outer (as provided by photos in the area where it meets with the sills), bottom of doors, sills, valance, wheel arches, tip of bonnet, boot lid, floor panels, A-pillar posts and around front windscreen to name a few. The drivers and passenger doors currently do not open and are seized due to not being in use for such an extended period, the boot is also seized even after lubricating and trying to unlock it with the original keys. Although both nearside doors do freely open and close fully.

– Engine would need to be rebuilt and is currently seized. Plenty of space and simplicity should mean doing an engine overhaul should be possible unlike with modern counterparts. With it being a Ford, there should be plenty of parts available to source whether it be for the engine, interior and exterior body panels.

– Interior is in fair condition, no evidence of dampness but could do with being renovated as the seats are worn out and faded, door cards look tired, windows do wind down but not very freely. As mentioned before, there are extra instrument dials fitted on the dashboard made to look like the Cortina 1500 GT.”

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