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1972 Triumph Dolomite 1850

From the seller: “Early 1972 triumph Dolomite 1850 manual non o/d

Let me start by saying this is a project it needs work but wouldn’t take to much to get back on the road and useable again

The 1850 engine starts and runs spot on starts straight away runs perfect no over heating etc it a sweet little motor exhaust is blowing in a few places but not rotten

Gearbox is original standard 4 speed non over drive the gate on the gear stick has worn between 1st and reverse takes a few min to get used to

Interior is all correct non head rest seats and are in useable condition dash has a split in the top but all the original Smith gauges work correctly early seat belts etc all present to

Has some sprint alloys on and sprint chin spoiler

Car needs some welding, will want outer sills, work to front subframe mounts where they all go on Dolomites, and drivers seat mounts sorting, it will need other welding work here and there hence a project but it’s not falling to bits”

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