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1971 Mini Cooper S Mk3

From the seller: “This is a true barn find not one of these been sat in a garage for 3 months and has a covering of dust. This Mini came with 3 others that I was lucky enough to buy earlier this year.

It’s been with the last owner since 2007 and was used sparingly until 2014 when it was tucked away in his barn with the other Minis & classic cars. where it had sat until I pulled it out on collecting them.

Since they have arrived I have been in long discussions with the Mini Cooper Register about all of them and they all turn out to be special in there own ways. This one was built and registered by A M Cater in 1971. It was reputedly used as a road rally car during the 1970’s possibly by A M Cater but I don’t who for certain.”

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