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1965 Triumph 2000 Mk1 Saloon

From the seller: “This car has just arrived after a long period of storage and being offered for restoration/project. The bodywork needs a good cut and polish and it will transform it. There does not appear to be any major rust around the body. The engine bay is tidy and it has been fitted with a new alternator

It appears that the previous owner started doing some work on the car before it was stored. It has all new brake hoses, new shock absorbers, several new rubbers etc underneath. The rear exhaust box is missing (presume it was removed to be replaced). Seats and interior is generally excellent, although it has non standard carpets. The radio centre console has been unscrewed for some reason but is all there.
The underside seems fairly sound. It has had welding on the inner sills to floor that could of been tidier and there are some repairs on outer sills. Floor pan on the passenger front has holed in the past but been plated from inside.”

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