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1983 Ford Cortina Crusader Estate for sale

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This 1983 Ford Cortina Crusader Estate is one of those “You won’t find a better one for sale right now” cars, we reckon. A rare car in its own right, this one has been hidden away for years, but looks in better nick that most cars you’ll see on the road!

From the seller: “Has been part of a private collection for the past 8 years and has been un-used during this time so it will require some re commissioning, we have had it running and it sounds great.

Only 49,000 miles, the first owner kept it until 2014 when it passed to a collector so just 1 previous owner from new.

The bodywork is excellent, no welding needed, there is the odd rust spot or blemish on most panels but this really has got potential, the interior is also very good, we were told that this is the only crusader estate left in the uk, don’t know how true that is but either way its a very rare car.

Will make a cracking rolling restoration and it wouldn’t take much to take it to the next level”