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Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6

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From the seller: “I last used this car in 2007 when I was the 2nd owner. Since then it has stood and deteriorated badly. There are the following issues I am aware of and probably more.

The rear window is broken.
The electric windows are faulty. They have now been disconnected as they have previously been wired directly without the fuse and relay. There was smoke coming from the passenger door.
The boot insulation has been removed, the top plastic cover is there.
There is no parcel shelf.
There is a long scratch/dent in the passenger rear panel.
The starter does not work. Nothing has been done to it so it MIGHT start with a battery & bump.
The side badges are missing. Removed by unknown person(s).
Paintwork is flat and there are some areas requiring rust repair including welding.
The drivers door pocket is missing.
Rear beam is seized since standing.
Hole in front bumper and foglights not good.”

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