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Ginetta G26 – chassis no. 00001

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What a fascinating car and, with that chassis number, one that must be of massive appeal to Ginetta fans the world over…

From the seller: “Ginetta G26 Factory Built – Chassis number 00001!

The history of this car has someone been lost over the years but it is confirmed to be the very first G26 from the factory as stated on the V5 and chassis stamp as 00001. It was first registered for the road in 1987 on a Q plate – Q539HNG as a 2l Petrol, it was last MOT in 2015. At some point a Ford guy bought it and nicked the engine and gearbox, previous to this it has covered 80,000 miles!

The car was originally painted white, then at some point painted metallic blue and then sometime (probably in the 90s) the white vinyl stripes were added to the car and the graphics on the side.

I purchased this car a few years ago with good intention but my other 3 cars have consumed all my time and this one has sat unloved. My original intention was to fit a Jaguar AJ30 V6 and manual gearbox (see other listings), but it’s just never got to that stage.”

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