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Citroen XM – The Movie

What a fantastic find! This Citroen XM – The Movie VHS is a real taste of 1980’s cheese. And we mean that in the nicest way!

We’re not entirely sure who this film was sent to, but car manufacturers of the era often sent information packs and video tapes to potential customers who’d either purchased the brand before, or expressed an interest in the latest model by filling in a slip in a magazine, popping into a showroom, etc.

Retro car lovers will enjoy this video, as it doesn’t just show the Citroen XM, but also all the rivals of the era from the likes of Ford, Rover and BMW.

Sit back and take yourself off on a journey to 1989. And, if you’re too young to remember that year, just watch it and realise that this was how we did things back in the day. Forget your Netflix and chill…. we had the XM and The Bill.

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