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Volkswagen Passat 1996 Pre-Launch Promotional Video

A Star Is Born…..The VW Passat

We learnt a lot from watching this pre-launch VW Passat video and Quentin Willson is someone who knows his way around a car!

This ‘latest incarnation’ of VW’s already successful model was launched in February of 1997, just a few months after our continental neighbours, and the fleet market was a big target. The video here was a collaboration with Company Car and runs the viewer through all the major selling points of the Passat.

As well as all the performance and safety information that you’d expect from a video of this kind, it’s also interesting to note that VW were offering an 11-year anti-corrosion perforation warranty. Not only was this quite a bold statement, given our climate in the UK, but their faith in the galvanised body meant that fleet managers could buy in bulk, knowing that their company cars would have a good resale value once they came to upgrade them.

The VW Passat is still in production today. Considering it launched in 1972, that’s some achievement! VW have continued to invest in the model and move with the times.

We hope this video gives you a snapshot of how things were in the 90’s. We know there are a lot of VW fans out there, so please share it around and subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment for even more content. Thank you for watching.