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Ford Mondeo Promotional 1990’s Launch Video With Jackie Stewart

Ford Mondeo – Beauty with inner Strength

The Ford Mondeo really does need no introduction nowadays. Launched in 1993, it’s still in production to this day and remains a popular car with both families and fleet managers.

This VHS promotional film was given away with What Car magazine, a first in the UK, and promotes the safety elements of the new Ford Mondeo.

Things like traction control, airbags, crash impact fuel tanks, crumple zones and the like were all relatively new in a production car and Ford were keen to make sure that potential buyers knew all about them.

And who better than Jackie Stewart to get the message across? Three times Formula One World Champion and well-known for his passion for safety, Jackie had already been associated with Ford for 28-years and was Consultant In Engineering For Research & Development Of Future Products. It’s obvious from this video that Ford took safety extremely seriously.

Jackie Stewart doesn’t just talk about safety, though. He takes the Mondeo for a spin and covers all the main elements of driving it. To be honest, after watching it, we quite fancied a go in one ourselves!

If you want to know what happens inside the Mondeo engine or the braking and suspension system, too, this is all covered by easy-to-understand graphics and narration.

Of course, all the interior comforts, optional extras and security features are explained.

Once you’ve watched this video, you’ll realise that Jackie Stewart wasn’t just a face for Ford, he genuinely did have a big input into this car and a a real passion for the finished product. The fact that the Mondeo name lives on just goes to show that the attention to detail Ford invested at the time was well worth it.

Have you ever driven a Mondeo? Are you a die-hard Ford Mondeo fan? Please comment on the YouTube video and let us know!