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Raleigh Burner

When buying barn find cars, or any project cars, many people want to know how much a restored version of their potential purchase is worth. The same applies to bikes and the Raleigh Burner often raises a few eyebrows! This bike featured prominently in many childhoods, often starting off with the Raleigh Mini Burner. Knowing the cost of a restored bike helps when costing out the viability of the project, although some of us don’t see bikes as something that can be ‘priced’ – we spend far more money than we should and value the fun we get from transforming them!

Possibly the best place to check prices is Ebay, where everything is transparent. If we’ve done things right, and there are any for sale, you should see some prices for a restored Raleigh Burner below.

Don’t forget to log into your Ebay account, too, and check the ‘Completed Items’. That way, you can see any that have recently sold….