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Barn Find Of The Day – TWO Austin Gypsy’s

Should it be Austin Gypsies or Austin Gypsy’s? Hmmmm….answers on a postcard, please!


This looks like a great little package for sale for somebody with a bit of time, vision and skill. The Austin Gypsy is a great little piece of British history and at just £1200 the pair, including VAT, we reckon these will be snapped up pretty quick.


The seller has uploaded a few photos (certainly enough to tempt somebody with a grand to spare to seriously consider them!), so it’s definitely worth having a look at them. Details are a bit patchy and there’s no paperwork, but one of them definitely appears to be on the DVLA database still, so a logbook should be available from them.


There’s a name and phone number on the Ebay listing, so give the seller a call if you’re interested and I’m sure he’ll be able to answer your questions.


It would be great to think that at least one of these might make it back on the road some day, but I guess that if they’re beyond repair and the parts go to keep another Austin Gypsy roadworthy, that would be infinitely better than the thought of them being turned into bean cans…


For sale – TWO Austin Gypsy’s
Listing ended – Please see below for similar

Austin Gypsy Austin Gypsy